Friday, February 1, 2008

Fiber Friday #4

Whew! You people sure do keep those suggestions coming! But I have to ask: does anyone take a look around before they post? Lately people have been repeating suggestions or suggesting couples I've already spun (and sold).
Anyhow, this Fiber Friday I'm spending a good amount of time dyeing (for next week's Month of Love yarns, which I'll be spinning furiously this weekend!) and starting several new projects:
1. Project Spectrum! This month is all about Fire and Orange, Red and Pink. I think my ode to Johnny Cash and Ring of Fire fits in perfectly (pictured above), but after the Month of Love ends (Feb 14!), I think I'm going to start a series inspired by PS...Elementals, perhaps. Anyhow, this is still just the planning stages, I'm open to suggestion!
2. Thing a Day! Heck, I already spin, knit or dye everyday..why not make it official (and force myself to take pictures) ?

I'm off to do my "thing" for today, it'll be on Flickr in a bit!