Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fiber Friday #3

If you're here for the contest, scroll down - I'm still taking entries!
Wow! You people are really creative, I've got a great list of possible yarns to dye! In case you're wondering when you'll find out if your a winner...well, I don't know. I'll decide on which of your ideas I want to use next time I dye and since I already have enough fiber dyed for next week's batch of yarn, it'll probably be mid-week, next week. Then again, this is a long weekend for me (MLK Day!) so I might just pull out the dyepot soon! When I do start using your ideas, I'll post it here, so be watching this space! I'll also attempt to contact you, but most comments just link to other blogs and if your email address isn't obvious, I don't know how else to get a hold of you.

This Fiber Friday I want to share some of the couples I've already come up with, along with a sneak peak of what's next:
Lime and Violet (already sold)
Lime and Violet swirl

Lucy and Ricky (available here)
Johnny and June (listed here)

Coming next week:
Homer and Marge


alabama whirly said...

lime and violet is gorgeous, homer and marge makes me smile

Jolynn said...

Homer and Marge! Ahahaha! How cute.