Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Month of Love - Contest

Piles of wooly Easter Eggs
piles of wool, for a few early-90's era couples

While brainstorming color ideas for new skeins, Hub and I started talking about being inspired by people and how some people just have a color associated with their personality or that in some way symbolizes them. This led to discussing if being part of a couple changes one's color and soon we generated a list of famous couples (romantic or platonic; real people, characters in pop culture, etc) along with their colors.
In celebration of Valentine's Day and inspired by couples the world over, I've been spinning this couple-inspired yarn. We're calling this the Month Of Love series, at the end of it, I'll have exhaustively explored the connection between personalities and color. For the next month, starting tomorrow, January 16 through V-day, February 14, I'll be posting 1 new yarn/weekday.

However, my imagination (and my knowledge of pop culture) in limited and I need a few more couple-ideas to spin and/or dye. I think a contest is in order!pinklong
Contest Instructions:
Please leave a comment (to this post) with a couple (romantic or platonic, real or imagined) AND what colors you believe symbolize them. If I choose your couple, you will receive 25% off ANY 1 skein currently available in the shop. I'm having the entries left in the comments so that I don't get duplicates, so be sure you're posting a couple NOT already in the shop and NOT already mentioned by a previous commenter. There may be more than 1 winner, as I'll probably choose more than 1 couple from the suggestions. Each commenter is limited to 1 suggestion, so make it a good one!


sarah said...

How about Brangelina? It could be a mix of black (for Angie, because it's what she always wears) & red (for Brad, because he's red-hot)! : )

tara said...

Oh, I like that!

KnitaSaur said...

Have you got: (I apologize, I've got my Disney collection sitting in front of me . . . )

* Jack and Sally? Black and white probably.
* Westly and Buttercup? Um. Dread Pirate Roberts Black and Yellow.
* Beauty and the Beast? Brown and Yellow?
* Aladdin and Jasmine - Purple and Blue
* Lilo and Stitch! Do it Pleasepleaseplease? Hawaii orange and blue!
* Shrek and Princess Fiona - Shades of green
* Harry Potter and Ginny - Emerald green and red

Michele said...

Here are some:
1. Oscar and Felix (the Odd Couple) - green and brown come to mind.

2. George Clooney and Katherine Zeta Jones, starred together in Intolerable Cruelty - major eye candy couple

3. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Tracy said...

I can't believe no one has said this but Romeo and Juliet? Pinks, blues, hinted with red (for blood!!) come to mind.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian? Definitley would need some green in there.

Samson and Delilah? That's kinda twisted but they are a famous couple.

Kozy Kitty said...

How about Lucy and Ricky--reds (lucy's hair) and Fred and Ethel (muted --grays).

Also--Fred and Wilma, or Barney and Betty--earth colors--stone grays, beiges etc.

Gable and Lombard--blacks and blues

George and Martha--red, white and blue

janiemag said...

You are so GREAT! I started a contest on my blog today too... http://threadsinmystash.wordpress.com/ Great minds think alike I guess.

How about these couples:
Paul Newman (baby blue) for his eyes & Joanne Woodward (yellow/orange) she had great strawberry blonde hair. Great love affair!

Adam & Eve, shades of green and red for the forbidden apple.

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, this could be FABULOUS and bright. Like all their western clothing they wore.

JFK & Jackie, some great navy with that famous pink of her suit.

John & Yoko Lennon, groovy colors for a sign of their times.

Lady & the Tramp, warm browns all the way!

The Bon said...

Fred and Ginger: black and a sandy golden yellow from their costumes from their last dance together.

Cleopatra and Marc Antony: rich golds, reds and blues, maybe with a rich leathery brown thrown in.

Bert and Ernie [even though they're not really a lovey couple]. blues, oranges, yellows and reds.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter: Gold and deep brown, mmm.

Charles and Ray Eames: Grey, red, black and orange.


Now, my pick for the red and black would be Rhett and Scarlett.

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy: pale lavenders, blues, greens with some pearl grey thrown in.

Veronica and Archie: bright candy type colors

Victoria and Albert: any jewel toned combination

This was FUN to think about!!!


Kimberli said...

Josephine and Napoleon: blues, rich deep golds, pale purples

Abelard and Heloise: garnets, reds, amber, pistachio

Love the suggestions for Adam and Eve, and Romeo and Juliet!

Sharon said...

Mother Earth & Father Time: greens & greys

Winter & Summer: snowey white & sunshine yellow

Trista said...

Scooby and Shaggy- browns and greens

I was a huge Scooby fan growing up!

tara said...

Wow! You people are creative!
Of the your suggestions, these are the ones I had already come up with (and dyed), so they're not eligible:
Lucy and Ricky
Wesley and Buttercup

Right now my favorites of the one's you've suggested are:
Burt and Ernie
Shrek and Fiona
Chocolate and PB

However, we'll see what strikes me when I pull out the dye pot this weekend!
Keep 'em coming!

Jennifer said...

What about Harry and Sally from When Harry Met Sally - pink and black for her optimism and his pessimism.

Rhett and Scarlett from Gone with the Wind - Deep Green and black with gray

Buffy and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - pinks, reds, and browns

teabird said...

Superman and Lois Lane? Superman would be the royal blue cape with touches of yellow and red, with black for Lois Lane's (cartoon) hair...

teabird / ravelry

tara said...

ah yea, that was my husband's idea (although he couldn't come up with colors, so if I use it, you'll get the credit!)

teabird said...

I have another idea -
Mulder and Scully (from the X-Files) --
black and silver (the colors from the movie logo) and blue-gray for Scully's eyes (close-up in the opening credits...)


Georgiann said...

Daisy and Gatsby? yellow and white (or maybe off white is more accurate!)
Elvis and Pricilla -- black and pink
This is fun -- can't wait to see what you come up with!

genegrl said...

the sci fi geeks in me says ....

The Doctor and Rose .... blue or brown and multicolor

Ilix said...

okay I have two that have already been suggested, but my colour combo thoughts were a bit different.
Mr. Darcy and Elisabeth Bennet> forest green, creamy white and pink.
Romeo and Juliet> a shocking red and shocking blue with spaces of purple intermixed (very passionate, and finishes with poison)

Also I thought that prehaps a Stardust one would be great. Have you seen that movie!!! Awesome!!
So my only original suggestion is
Tristan and Evain > white base, into soft blue, into a more intense blue ending in a royal blue or purple. And I don't know if it is possible, but a bit of sparkle in there wouldn't hurt (for stardust) ;)

Catherine said...

Wow, there are some great ideas!

I was thinking

Arthur and Guinevere (true love, sweet and gentle pinks, mint and lemon)
and then Guinevere and Lancelot (forbidden love strong pink, midnight blue, silver)

Or maybe Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain? (tragic modern love sherbet orange, hot pink, chocolate brown and black)

ericah64 said...


* Adam & Eve - peachy "fleshtone" & fig-leaf green w/splashes of pomegranate

* Bill & Monica - navy w/streaks of white

* Aragorn & Arwen - grey & green

* Lady & the Tramp - dark & light grey + light & darker brown

* Navarre & Isabeau (Ladyhawke) - golden brown, darker brown, shades of wolfish grey w/spots of white

* Frida & Diego - bright cobalt blue, bright yellow, orangey red, white

ericah64 said...

Oh, I thought of some more:

- Cheech & Chong: smoke grey & cannabis green with some splashes of La Raza colors

- Georgia (O'Keefe) &
Alfred (Steiglitz): black, white & grey with splashes of pink, blue & poppy red

- Batman & Batgirl: black & purple

- Bobby & Whitney: medium brown, black & blue, and snow white

ericah64 said...

And...I thought of some more:

* Thelma & Louise - pink, purple, silver

* Stiller & Meara - I can't decide which colors

* Penn & Teller

* Wendy & HWWV - Knit & Tonic purple & green w/smoky, mysterious grey b/c she never shows his face on her blog

* Mickey & Minnie - red, black, white & pink

* Amy & Jillian - almost any color, but IT CAN'T BE WOOL! ;-D

* Peas & Carrots - uh, green & orange (duh)

Jolynn said...

Morticia and Gomez (Addams Family)- shades of gray and black
Simba and Nala (Lion King)- shades of brown
Hercules and Megera (Hercules)- white and purples
Marlin and Dory (Finding Nemo)- oranges and blues
Miss Piggy and Kermit (Muppets)- pinks and greens

Scarlet said...

Well, they never got to be a couple per se, but there's Firefly/Serenity's Malcom and Inara.

For this (and if you don't use it, I think I will...) Mal's all browns ranging from rusty golden yellow to rich chocolate. Inara is the red/violet spectrum from (please excuse the term, I use it because its accurate) circulation-has-been-cut-off deep violet-blue to blazing stormy-sunrise scarlet.

I'm thinking stripe them out in a whirlwind of varied width stripes pushing and pulling at each other. As the quote goes (Mal to Zoe about the conversation he's just had with Inara):
M -"It's a trap."
Z -"How do you know?"
M -"Did you see us fight?"
Z -"No."
M -"Trap."

Sharon P said...

Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swann (When they "met")

Reds and Browns for Jack and Cream and Gold for Elizabeth


Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann

Blacks and grays with silver (Swords and Soot) and the Cream and Gold for Elizabeth

ficklefiberdiva said...

How about Raggedy Ann and Andy??? They've been together along time and I don't think they will break up. They are timeless.
Colors-Red,Flesh,black, and blue

ficklefiberdiva said...

Here's another one. Sonny and Cher. The color possibilities are endless, with Cher's tatts, and wigs. As far as Sonny goes, I can't think of any colors but somewhat dull ones.
Ply it with some bling for Cher.
Color suggestions. I think use 70's colors like yellow,orange,lime,brown,and purple (bright tones)

angella powell said...

oooh, what happened to my comment...

my suggestion Romeo & Juliet; Romeo would be violet and periwinkle with a touch of gold. Juliet would be a warm golden sand mixed with a bit of deep chocolate and creamy white.

and, i’m talking about the 1968 R&J, Olivia Hussey and that lovely Romeo with the beautiful eyes… :)

Jo said...

How about Grease...Sandy and Danny, Black and Pink!with a smattering of white, and some glitz!

evergreenknits said...

Ever since I read about the contest, I can't get the song "Jack and Diane" out of my head.

It makes me think of amber fields, green grass, blue skies -- sweet, earnest colors of the heartland landscape.

Sharon Rose said...

Ferdinand and Isabella: The warrior king & queen. Blending the Spanish and Moorish culture: Rich scarlet, warm gold, maybe a hint of steely grey for the swords and armor.

J. Denae said...

chocolate and peanut butter suggestion...
What about Tristan and Isolde - sea colors, greens and grey and blue... mixed with royal purples and darker blues.

Beth said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I got an error...

I love the PB and chocolate, by the way!

My vote is for Jack and Rose in Titanic: brown for his commoner attire and a rosy color (duh!) for her

loststarinwiscon said...

Since this is Primary month (and Super Tuesday coming up Feb 5th) a Bill and Hillary yarn would be appropriate, don't cha think?

Maybe red, white and blue or yellow with blue since Hillary wears a lot of yellow/gold and Bill wears a lot of blue.

Not a famous couple but some yellow and green for the "Cadbury chicks".

sjmercure said...

How about Monroe and DiMaggio? They were a classic couple - White for her dress in 7 year itch and Blue for his team?

Also, How about Rhett and Scarlett? Maybe a deep green and Scarlett red?

Cetta said...

Sonny & Cher was my first thought, but someone already mentioned them (though I was thinking red and yellow)

There's Donny and Marie - purple & pink?

Bogie and Bacall - I'd think black, white & grey

Bambi & Thumper - brown, white & grey

MamaMay said...

LOL! reading though these just makes me laugh!

The ones I have thought of are

Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Thinking Black history month starts in Feb. and the colors should be black, pinks and reds or a mix of flesh tones for the "I have a dream" speech.

Sonny and Cher. All sorts of mad 70's colors. Just have fun!

Lancelot and Guenevere: Slivers for Lancelot and green for Guenevere with some pink for the union.

Homer and Marge Simpson. That yellow color that is skin tone on them and Marge's blue hair!

Superman and Loise Lane. Superman needs his suit so read yellow and blue for him, not so sure on Loise though. She changes so much from movie to movie...


Adam and Eve. Come on the first couple... ever. flesh tones and lots of greens.

Dana said...

Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth from Bones. I see their colors as being a couple of shades of medium-to-dark blue coupled with bright orange and bright yellow.

beadntat said...

Here's one I don't think I saw mentioned... How about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (or any of the other husbands/suitors)? I see Violet for her eyes, white for the diamonds, and rich berry pink for roses & rubies and maybe a hint of green thrown in for the emeralds Now that's a color scheme I would love to knit

brownbear said...

How about King Kong and Fay Wray?

z's momma said...

How about McDreamy and Meredith. The colors? well, it would have to be gray and red. Gray's anatomy and valentines.

Mona Makes said...

how about carrie and Mr. Big--yellows and pinks for her hair and the girly outfits and black and whites for his suits (and maybe some red for the red wall)...yes I'm a not-so-closet addict to sex and the city.

Another one I was thinking was Jay and Silent Bob...greens for Bob's long coat and yellows for Jay's hair...maybe some bright orange for his "colorful" language.:-)

LOVE the Marge and Homer yarn.

kvonhard said...

Nicholas & Alexandra - The tsar and tsarina - purples with hints of gold, and then some jewel tones - sort of a Faberge egg based color since that's what they were famous for owning.

Dr. Zhivago & Lara - white, fuzzy yarn, for all the fur in the movie and snow, with blues b/c of the sadness of the story.

Michelle said...

George (Burns) and Gracie--black, white & gray since I remember seeing them on tv that way.

kvonhard said...

oooh, the fiber in the picture? Madonna and Sean Penn...all Material Girl era...

Amy said...

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. They had over a 40 year love affair. I think classic colors when I think of Hepburn .... maybe a deep red (for her lips) and I don't know for Tracy - maybe a cream.

Fred and Wilma - with blue and orange, maybe through in some white for her rock necklace.

Barbie and Ken - that would be pink and tan

peas and carrots - grean and orange

Amy said...

sorry, not a 40 year .... hepburn and tracy I'm thinking was a 20 year love affair.

Warbrarian Princess said...

Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler.
I'm thinking a deep, but kind of shiny green for her, and a mix of light and dark purples for him.

How about Angel and Tom Collins from Rent? Angel would be hot pink and pale blue and Tom would be a mix of golden-yellow and brow.

Jenn said...

How about Bonnie and Clyde? I'm seeing soft green and cream for money and a gun metal gray to anchor the colors.

LaVerna said...

I say reds and grays for my favorite movie couple of all time Christian and Satine form Moulin Rouge!

jpwillett said...

How about Sid and Nancy from the Sex Pistols? Black, silver, white...maybe even a blast of hot pink or bright red? Very rock n roll!

jpwillett said...

Ooh...Prince and Apollonia...different shades of purple, black, silver, bright aqua.

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