Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Month of Love Contest Update

Jim & Pam - Handspun yarn - month of love series
Jim & Pam, inspired by The Office

Ok, all you patient would-be yarn-namers!
I pulled out my big list of yarns to spin and decided which one of the many (many!) suggestions I would use!
The first winning entries are:
"Bert and Ernie: blues, oranges, yellows and reds"
by The Bon
"Rhett and Scarlett from Gone with the Wind - Deep Green and black with gray"
by Jennifer

If you are either one of these winners, please email me at blondechickenboutiqueATyahooDOTcom and I'll give you a code for 25% off your next purchase from the shop!
I'm going to pull out my dypot tonight and get going with these colors and will probably be putting them in the shop next week! I'll let you know when I do!
Now, the contest isn't over, because I still need some more ideas! Please read the other suggestions first and then leave me a new suggestion in the comments to this post!


Jill B said...

You're just so talented.

DreamWoven said...


and if it's not too late, here is my suggestion

tim burton and helena bonham-carter…. and the colors would be black and white (grin)

tara said...

It's definitely not too late and I LOVE that suggestion!

Turtle said...

I have a couple ideas, what a fantastic idea for a yarn line!

for the punk rockers: Sid & Nancy : colors would be Black, blue and purple

For the rebels:
Bonny & Clyde: Pink , white gray and red

For the hopeless romantics:
Napolean & Josephine : yellow, orange pink & white

For the child in us all:
Peanut Butter & Jelly ; brown, white, tan and Grape or strawberry!

Miss T said...

One of the best love stories of all time: Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson!

The colors should be the silvery greys and rich blacks of old black & white photography, as we've always seen photos of the two of them.

liz aka hobbledehoy said...

I love your "famous couples" yarns! What a fantastic and fresh spin on themes :)

beadntat said...

Ooops, I just left my idea on the original post. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton: Violet, berry pink, white and green . More descriptions on the other comment :-)

Mona Makes said...

oops, here's my comment from the original post:
how about carrie and Mr. Big--yellows and pinks for her hair and the girly outfits and black and whites for his suits (and maybe some red for the red wall)...yes I'm a not-so-closet addict to sex and the city.

Another one I was thinking was Jay and Silent Bob...greens for Bob's long coat and yellows for Jay's hair...maybe some bright orange for his "colorful" language.:-)

LOVE the Marge and Homer yarn.

Mona Makes said...

thought of another one, b/c now I can't stop...
Prince Charles and Princess Diana. though that wasn't such a loving pair.
I think of primary colors from English plaid, more pastel colors from Diana's dresses and maybe with a twist of some royal purple.
let's see if I can get some work done now.

Amy said...

whoops, I left my comment in the original post, too. Just head on over and read it over there since I'm too lazy to copy and paste :)

So here's some more .... this is fun -

What about Charlie Brown and Lucy? Colors would be yellow, brown, and purple.

Beauty and the Beast - I have no idea on the color except brown - maybe with blue or pink for Belle.