Friday, September 19, 2008

Life of Yarn - at the farm

The Life of Yarn series is my attempt to share the process from fiber (on the animal) to finished yarn. Each is just a glimpse into a moment in the life of yarn and yarnmaker.

Most everyone knows that fabric comes from yarn or thread which comes from cotton, sheep or synthetics. But how does it really GET there? From farm to cloth? In the next few week’s I’ll be working through and documenting this process. Today: On the Farm.

feeding time

Specifically Hobby Knob Farm in Weaversville, NC. This is one of the first farms I visited in my search for local wool and it continues to be my favorite sheep farm. Elizabeth is always generous with her time and information. That’s her (and my mom) you can hear in the videos. The sheep on this farm are bred for their fiber and conservancy. The flock includes colored Romney and Cotswold with a focus on Jacob’s, since they are a rare heritage breed that needs conservation. You can read more about Hobby Knob’s history and conservation efforts on their website.

On this visit, I purchased 2 beautiful cream fleeces which I just washed last weekend. For that adventure, tune in next Fiber Friday!

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