Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumnal Inspiration

Happy Autumn!
Golden Bananiere - Banana yarn

To celebrate the first day of this lovely season, I threw open the window to my office and opened up the Fall Color Report by Pantone. This report is designed for fashion and home designers, but everyone in any industry that sells color uses it (or other trend-forcasting tools), so you'll see these colors in clothes, furniture, even new yarn lines!
You don't have to be a designer to enjoy perusing it. I find it fascinating to read the profiles of designers in the report. It's also interesting to be aware of the "in" colors, because once concious, it seems I see them everywhere! The new knitting magazine, Knotions, has an article about applying the Color Report to your choice of yarns and knitting projects.
In the past, I've given it a quick once over and moved on, but this season I've decided to challenge myself (ya'll know I love a challenge). This fall I'd like to create a line of yarns, inspired by the colors of the season. This is a little different than I normally work, dying fiber as inspired and naming it after the inspiration, so I'm going to need some help putting the colors together and then naming the yarns.


After looking through the color report, what's the first color combo you think I should try? What should I title it? Include BOTH color combo AND title in the comments below and you could win a little contest!
Every commenter whose suggestion turns into a finished yarn (in the next 3 months) will get 10% off their next purchase of any eco-friendly yarn in the shop!
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