Tuesday, September 16, 2008

5 Free Knitting Patterns for Handspun Yarn

"I just realized that I have developed kind of a collector style in my yarn buying. I don’t buy yarn for specific projects any more but more like “oh-how-beautiful-must-have-that”. This of course results me having several single skeins of this and that (and they are all soooo pretty). So what can I make with your yarn?"

That's an actual email I got from a customer and it expresses how many of us buy yarn. We see something pretty and we snatch it up. But what to DO with it as it starts to overtake our living space?

Well, after answering this question for myself, I've started collecting patterns that will show off handspun. These patterns work with the special properties of handspun yarn, not requiring an exact guage (since handspun has natural inconsistencies).
Below are 5 free patterns that (can) use a single skein of handspun - the name links directly to the pattern (sometimes a pdf), followed by the Ravelry link. I've included a suggested yarn which is the right weight and length to make the pattern
(click the name of the yarn to purchase it).

  1. Sherbrooke (Ravelry) - a lovely textured cowl
  2. Nameless handspun yarn

  3. Lace Ribbon Scarf (Ravelry) - a very pretty, lacey scarf
  4. One Skein Scarf (Ravelry) - a, uh, scarf!
  5. juice - Handspun yarn

  6. Foliage (Ravelry) - a pretty leaf-y hat

  7. lettuce - handspun yarn

  8. Caliometry (Ravelry) - a headband
    prep - handspun yarn

  9. I'm still working on my handspun sweater. What have you made with handspun yarn?


Xiane said...

I like to spin "energized singles" and I love making that yarn into knitted kerchiefs and coffee cup cosies. The skew of the yarn makes for interesting texture, and the colours stand out so well that way. Also, I love the Calorimetry pattern! I'm glad you suggested that one - now I'm off to look at the others you mentioned!

tara said...

Oh, I don't know why my Disqus comments aren't working on this post?
Anyhow, Xiane, I'm knitting a coffee cup cozy right now! I looked for a pattern, but didn't find a free one to link to.

Jen Hintz said...

LOL, would you believe that just last night I was petting the bananiere yarn I bought from you at Crafting Patch and trying to think of what I'll make with it? I also realized that I've never actually worked with handspun yarn before, so I'm glad to have your suggestions until I get a feel for the inherent peculiarities of handspun yarns.