Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dwangela, the yarn

I did make a decision about the mini-contest, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out about it, mmkay?

Because today I want to share a bit about my new favorite yarn, inspired by the girls on this Ravelry thread and by my favorite show, The Office.
This yarn, part of my Month of Love series, is my tribute to the couple-that-shouldn't, Dwight and Angela. Both are uptight, officious and pompously serious. But still, there's something about Dwight's farmer ways and Angela's obsession with kittens that well, it melts your heart.

I knew their yarn would need to be plain, with a bit of severity (not smooshy like the Pam & Jim yarn). Alpaca, raised by a local farm, undyed brown would suit Dwight and his no-nonsense commitment to hard work. I thought he'd appreciate that the fiber came from a real farmer (he has a beet farm, remember). Angela seems so severe and puritanical, I chose the whitest fiber I had, bamboo. The fiber is luxuriously silky and soft, but it has the right shininess, to symbolize her clench-jawed judgment.

Plied together the plies suit each other and after being bathed, they've relaxed into a nice relationship. Except.
In the end, Angela dumps Dwight. So this yarn ends with 10 yards of lonely Dwight (alpaca plied with itself).

To cheer Dwight up (and because now I'm working on a Battlestar Gallactica yarn), some Battlestar/Office videos.


Jill B said...

Wow, that's some intense (and appropriate) reasoning.


"In the end, Angela dumps Dwight. So this yarn ends with 10 yards of lonely Dwight"

You're brilliant. I honestly laughed so hard I had tears going down the sides of my cheeks. Those last 10 yards are so lonely, but somehow so much more functional :)