Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Recap

Please note: this post was originally posted in my personal blog and thus, the links don't all work yet. I'm backtracking to move over as many of the links as I can)

I like to have all my FOs in one place, so here it is, most recent first:

  • Mom's Slippers

  • Mom's Christmas gift socks

  • Toe-up Socks in MDSW Koigu

  • Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style

  • Leafy Lacey Cables Fingerless gloves (original)

  • Malabrigo diamond sweater (my own design)

  • Funky Scarf

  • Pinky Sweater

  • Sock Wars Socks

  • Comfort Shawl

  • Bathmat

  • Wendy'sKitty Pi

  • EZ Pi Shawl

  • Log Cabin Pillow (free pattern!)

  • Silk Sari Bag

  • Jaywalkers

  • Entrelac Wrap

  • AssymetricalMalabrigoCardigan of my own design

  • Winter Gray Noro Cardigan

  • Jamie's Armwarmers

  • Fuzzy Feetfor Mom

  • Armwarmers for Mom

  • And of course, the Norwegian Monstrosity, which I only the sleeves and collar for, but which caused great panic and pain throught the year.