Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The life of Yarn - in the studio

The Life of Yarn series is my attempt to share the process from fiber (on the animal) to finished yarn. Each is just a glimpse into a moment in the life of yarn and yarnmaker.

I recently confessed that most of my freshly dyed fiber spends some time in the trees, but once it comes inside, it has a much tamer life. The handdyed fiber is stored away from my kittens and puppy, in a closet. When inspiration strikes, I pull it out and it spends some time in my "studio" (also known as, my living room)

living room chair, aka "studio"
Here, it lounges on my spinning chair, on cushions made by my Grams (check out that piping! It's not "my" colors, so I'm looking for fabric to cover it with), along with a pillow I made (these are the colors I want to cover the chair cushions in). I love this photo because it shows I've "integrated" the fiber and yarn into my living space: the handknit sweater on the back of the chair, the fiber on the bookshelf for my Ravelympics project and just out of frame (on the left) is a vase full of handspun. I like to think the visible fiber desensitizes my family into believe there's really "not that much".

coffee table, aka "studio"
The other "half" of my studio is the coffee table (which is right in front of me when I spin), it holds the swift, bobbins for plying and finished skeins. Here, the spun fiber relaxes on a bobbin while I spin another bobbin of singles. It will be plied with the other bobbin and then wound onto the swift (the big thing with four arms)
This table gets cleaned off after every spinning session: the swift goes under the couch, the bobbins get tucked away next to my wheel and the skeins of yarn take up their residence in a bookshelf in the guest room (locked away from all kitties!)

spinning companion
(because, the kitties, they like the spinning chair!)

The yarn shown (as fiber) in this post will be unveiled in all it's 2ply squishyness and available in the shop this Friday, by noon.
In fact, this week I'm trying something completely different for the shop. Instead of posting a yarn every day, I've saved up all my yarny goodness for one BIG update on Friday. I have some new fibers like organic merino and farm-fresh llama AND a new summer-inspired series of squishy bright yarns!
Mark your calendar - from 10-12 am E.S.T , Friday, 8/22/08,
10 new eco-friendly handspun yarns will be listed right here!


evergreenknits said...

Thanks for sharing your process! It's fun to get a glimpse of your creative life.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I can't wait for your update. I made a scarf from the Dick and Jane yarn and the receipient was thrilled with it and has been parading around with it on in the scorching weather!