Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ravelympics Update - Week One

8.09.08-Ravelympics skein #1
Ravelympics Update:
I started with the Handspun Heptathlon: pre-drafting, organizing my spinning space and getting underway, while watching the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night. I kept up the pace Saturday morning and by lunch had a huge 200 yard skein.
8.09.08-Ravelympics skein #1
At this pace, I could have been done with all of the yarn by Monday, but alas, I don't live in the Olympic village and was pulled away from the wheel by little brothers that had to be fed, a business that needed new yarn and various other distractions (like a visit to the farm!) By Tuesday I was back in the saddle, spinning a second ginormous skein (which is resting in it's post-spin bath).

The temptation of the squishy yarn was too great and I moved away from the Handspun Heptathlon (without finishing it!) and launched into the Sweater Sprint. While watching Micheal Phelps earn his 10th Olympic Gold, Wednesday night, I cast on for the sweater.
I promptly fell asleep, knitting in hand, so I'm obviously not much of a sprinter!

If I'm going to compete, I need to plan the schedule: T
his weekend - knit to underarms on sweater

Mon - spin last skein of yarn

Tues - Friday - finish body

Sat - Mon - knit sleeves

If you're not a knitter, or if this whole Ravelympics thing seems a bit weird, this article does an excellent job of explaining the spirit of the Games.


Donna B. said...

Thanks for the link -- how nice of you! Glad you are enjoying the games and getting into the spirit!