Friday, May 23, 2008

Fiber Friday: Wit's End Fiber

At Maryland Sheep & Wool, strolling through the sheep barns, I came upon a table with some business cards, a skein of yarn and a bag of wool. As I plunged my hand into the wool (ecstasy!), the farmer approached and he and I my mom began chatting about his sheep. It took me about two seconds of admiring the sheep
and fondling the wool before I pounced on it! I was thrilled to learn that Wit's End farm is just a few hours from my house, in rural Virginia. When I returned home, Jay had purchased the first of the season's strawberries. Inspired, I pulled out the local wool, and dyed it in "local" colors.
strawberries - handdyed fiber

I set aside 4 oz of fiber to sell and quickly spun up another 4 oz:

Strawberries, already sold!

A few days later, the leaves outside my office door inspired me to dye the rest of the wool:
leaf - handspun yarn

This fiber has been an absolute dream to spin with and serves as further proof that buying direct from the farmer makes for the most satisfying spinning experience!
If you want to find local farmers, search Local Harvest, or just google "sheep farm ___ (your city and state)". If you know of any great local farms, please share in the comments!