Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Recycled Paper yarn - Earth Day!

After much thought and planning, I decided it was time to finally start spinning paper:
I gathered some colorful paper from the newspaper

started cutting strips - cutting from top to bottom, leaving about an inch connecting the strips, then bottom to top

It's hard to explain, but this shows what it should look like!

After all the cutting, I realized this pink paper was MUCH too stiff to spin, so I cut up the TV Guide and spun that.
Really, it wasn't that successful, the paper kept ripping, so the skein is full of knots.
It does look cool, but
There's only 5 yards of yarn for 2 hours of work!

I sent it as an extra gift to a customer that is also a spinner, figuring she would appreciate all the effort!

Happy Earth Day! What are you doing to celebrate?


Erin said...

Neat idea! I bet those white FedEx mailing envelopes would work, since they're pretty hard to even tear... it's more of a fabric feel than paper.