Monday, April 28, 2008

Inspiration Monday #10: Alpacas

Freshly shorn

This week, all my thoughts and daydreams have centered on one thing: Alpacas.
I spent Saturday morning at a Shearing Day, at Silver Thunder Farm. It was fun and amazing and educational and so so memorable and encouraging.
The way the farmers handled their (and their neighbor's) alpacas.
The way the shearers were efficient and kind.
The way the alpacas bleated through the whole ordeal - only to jump up, shake it off and prance around with their friends.

More than anything, it cemented some dreams as I realized: I can do this.


Chuck said...

Hi Tara:
This is Chuck LaBresh from Silver Thunder Alpacas. We were glad to have you out to help us with shearing this past Saturday. We appreciated your hard work and willingness to jump in where needed. Wasn't it great to get your hands on that wonderful fiber? We'll do it again next year. See you then.
Chuck (and Nancy) LaBresh
PS: Great write-up on your post. Your being inspired was an inspiration for us, too. Ain't alpacas great?