Friday, February 22, 2008

Just a thought...

After reading about Sharon's comprehensive list of textile-focused blogs, I'm thinking I'd like something similar for fiber arts. There are thousands of knit-blogs out there, but I'm always looking for the MOST informational on subjects of farming, spinning, dyeing and knitting with handspun. A lot of the blogs I have found are, well, less than stellar with dark backgrounds (which makes the text hard to read) or un-informational. So, I'm on a search to develop a list as comprehensive as Sharon's for the spinning world. I know it's a big project and I should have just kept my mouth (or fingers?) shut until I got something together, but it occurred to me that ya'll might be able to help? If you come across an informational, inspiring blog on the subjects of fiber farms, spinning, dyeing; please post it in the comments!
I'll be doing my own researching and hope to have a list (or the beginnings of one) by March.