Monday, February 18, 2008

Inspiration Monday #5

This weekend I spent much time curled up with hot fudge sauce, my puppy and Robert Grudin's The Grace of Great Things. I can't think of anything better to prepare me for a Monday that involved 2 meetings for a total of 4 hours in the airless, miserable conference room.
So I thought I'd share the bits that moved me, while I continue to ponder the connections and beauty:
"in both good science and good art, the mind must suspend it's usual assumptions in order to meditate on something fundamentally new" (p 50)

and his definition of Integrity:
"1. an inner psychological harmony or wholeness
2. a conformity of personal expression with psychological reality; of the outer with the inner self
3. Continuity...through time" (pg 73)


brandianndesigns said...

gorgeous yarn. reminds me of a cold autumn day.

Alpaca Granny said...

the hot fudge sauce????? were you spooning it up???? putting it on ice cream????? You made me just get up, go to fridge to secret bag of Dove's dark chocolate hidden behind the salad dressings.

tara said...

Thanks Brandi!
Maple, I put it on ice cream, baby bundt chocolate cakes and in hot chocolate. Yum!