Tuesday, January 8, 2008

TIF Tuesday 1.1

TIF Tuesday is a weekly series in response to Sharon’s Take it Further Challenge. January’s challenge is to create a design using the concept “Someone you admire” as the theme.

When I read this month’s challenge, my mind immediately started racing. I spend a good amount of time each week being inspired by other artists through their blogs and flickr; although I don’t know these people, I certainly admire their work. For some, it’s the art that I admire; for others, it’s their aesthetic or their boldness or their business sense. I also admire the real-life artists, crafters and business people I know. I didn’t consider narrowing it down to just one person, until I looked at the flickr group and saw that most people were creating something to honor 1 person they admired. This surprised me, but I decided to go with my gut reaction to the challenge.

So how do I create something conceptualizing a group of people I admire? I decided to explore what characteristics I admire and instead of symbolizing those traits, I would actually act on them.

Through my journaling, I realized what I admire is the chutzpah to say “Hello world, I’m an artist. This is what I felt like making, so I made it.” To really claim the beauty and express it through one’s unique view, to put one’s stake down without fear or doubt. To acknowledge and explore what’s rattling around inside and then legitimize it with action.

Whew, that's a lot of inner searching and discover. Enough for one week!

Next week: what project can I apply this concept to?


Laura said...

When I started with the challenge theme, I also thought of groups of people, qualities I admired in general, etc. So I too have been a bit surprised by the number of participants who are very specific in their admiration. I think that this challenge is going to be very good for me to confront the myriad ways of approaching a project.

Your yarn is beautiful, by the way.