Friday, January 11, 2008

Fiber Friday #2 - North Star Alpacas

I first met Maple of North Star Alpacas through Yetsy, the yarn-centric Etsy Street Team. I was immediately smitten with the pictures of her alpacas; they accompany every listing, which really connects the fiber artist with the fiber producer!
Last week, running low on fiber, I contacted Maple to ask a few questions about her fibers. BCB is committed to using only eco-friendly, animal-friendly fibers and finding suppliers that fit the bill is a challenge. Some possible suppliers don't respond to my questions or respond defensively (although I really try to ask the questions as un-judgmentally as possible!). I was thrilled when Maple answered me honestly and completely, so I thought I'd share a bit of her response,:
We just do the best that we can to take care of our little piece of the world. I'm probably more concerned about being animal-friendly...I think that all the farmers that I know are environmentally conscious because we value and want to take care of our land.

Well, I immediately bought a natural gray blend of alpaca roving. The deal was sealed when I realized one of the alpacas name was Weatherby, my maiden name!
PS. See that bit of pink? She threw that in for free, along with two cards with the alpacas pictured on it! That's what I call customer service! Check out her blog for regular tutorials/tips on dyeing!