Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunrise Inspiration

It seems a bit...clichéd to say one is inspired by a sunrise or sunset but since moving to East Tennessee, I really find myself enthralled by the sky, at all times of the day
For example, one evening, while walking the dog, I turned the corner to see this:

Now, I don't live in the country. In fact I live in a row of townhouses, sort of in the crossroads of the commercial part of town and the residential. One street over is the 'bad' part of town with alleged drug deals and other unpleasantnesses. But directly out my front door, in the early morning, I see this:
The colors, so unreal in their brightness, inspired this Organic Cotton yarn:
Sunrise Organic Cotton
and as a compliment, this one:
Blue Skies Organic Cotton

I dyed them more than month ago and then put them aside...that orange is just so orange, I didn't really consider the yarn a success. Yesterday, with some trepidation, I posted it in the Boutique and within 24 hours, Sally Rei gave my confidence the sweetest little boost by purchasing both of them!


Ruth said...

Beautiful pics and beautiful yarn. It's nice to have a quick sale.