Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gift Guide: Grandmas and Mother-in-laws

Ok, I confess: my Grams is pretty darn cool. She loves anything I make her and we have similar tastes in books, so she's a breeze to shop for. This year, I plan on giving her Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, by Barbara Kingsolver, because I know she'll love it.

But my mother-in-law is another story. She's not really into handmade; her house is immaculatley decorated, strait from the pages of a high-end catalog. My husband has neve known what to give her and in years past we've given cookbooks. And more cookbooks.

I bet I'm not the only one with a woman to shop for, so the first Give Handmade Guide is going to start with these women: classy, department store types; Grandmas, Mothers-in-laws, Moms, aunts...anyone who care about enough to give a thoughtful gift.

  • How about framing a picture of yourself (seems a little self-involved but I bet this woman doesn't have enough pictures of you past 6th grade)?

  • Does she journal or do a daily devotional? Try the beautiful handmade journals from I Make Arrt!

  • Everyone likes candles, I prefer these natural beeswax candles from Mama Beehive (my husband designed that website, so I might be a little partial!)

  • Stationary is my go-to gift for anyone and everyone. The following sellars have particularly classy style

Spilling Beans has great monogrammed cards

Althena has beautiful photo cards


Ruth said...

MIL: how about a classy piece of jewelry? or a gift certificate to a fancy department store?
My previous MIL, now sadly gone, was like that. I never, ever knew what to give her because she thought that gift certificate were no classy. One year I gave her perfume (I sneaked a peak at her dresser), and she liked it.

Alexia said...

oh wow! thanks so much for including me in your gift guide :)