Thursday, January 1, 2009

New New

Handdyed fiber

Welcome to 2009! I hope you're having a lovely, fiber-filled year so far.
I'm starting the new year with a new website...well, the shell of a new website. I still need to rearrange, organize and figure how the heck to get my pictures to look pretty. The main change will be that my main website and my blog will all be in one pretty place.

Another fun change is that I want to turn more of it over to you. I'd like to start a regular (weekly? monthly?) Ask Tara thing. You can ask me anything you like about spinning, dyeing, knitting, finding local farms, using Etsy, starting a business, or...uh, moving from Ohio to Tennessee or training a Bagle (Beagle/Basset rescue pup) or anything you can think of. I'll answer the questions in the blog or with a video tutorial. If it's something I don't know about (like vaccinating your sheep), I'll find an expert to ask and report back. To ask your question, leave it below this post in the comments or if you'd like to stay anonymous to other readers, you can email me.
I've gotten a few questions on YouTube about dyeing on the stovetop, so I'm going to start with that answer, with a video on the new website. I'll give you the link right here and after that, it'll all be in the new place.
So, stay tuned and in the meantime, please allow a little quietness here as I work to get the new place all cleaned up for a fun housewarming party, ok?
Thank you for all of your questions, encouragement and kindness in 2008. For this year I wish you beautiful fiber and plenitful time for your crafting.
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