Monday, November 3, 2008

How to spin from a batt

The Life of Yarn series is my attempt to share the process from fiber (on the animal) to finished yarn. Each is just a glimpse into a moment in the life of yarn and yarnmaker.

Most everyone knows that fabric comes from yarn or thread which comes from cotton, sheep or synthetics. But how does it really GET there? From farm to cloth? In the past few weeks, I've worked through and documented the process. You can read them all here. Today's the last step: The Spinning.

Finally! The exciting part - turning fluff into yarn!
Every time I've posted a video about the process of turning this fleece into yarn, I get the question, "But how do you SPIN it?". Well, here's the answer. In this video I show I how I spin one of the LocalSpun batts into a Local Spun Yarn:

The finished yarn looks like this, all soft and squooshy:

hilly bourne - handspun yarn (2)

This yarn is Hilly Bourn and is available here. The name (and all of those in this line) are inspired by the John Keats's poem "To Autumn". I shared the entire poem here.

I'll be posting more yarns from this fleece throughout the week, so check out the Boutique! Also in the LocalSpun line are handmade spinning batts and dyed locks.

Now, a question for you: Have you enjoyed see the life of this yarn? Would you like me to continue this series with a different fleece from a different farm?
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