Wednesday, November 12, 2008

6 free kntiting patterns for boys

As the holiday season approaches, I'm beginning to ponder the inevitable Christmas Gift List. Despite my best efforts to avoid it, I always feel the pull of handknitting gifts for my very dearests. The trickiest people on that list are also the smallest.
I have two, sweet little brothers, ages 8 and 9. Although adorable and irresistible they have one ginormous flaw: they have extremely specific ideas of what constitutes "cool" handknits. They love knowing I knit something for them, but they are very particular about what they'll wear.

Here are just a few things I know they'd love:

Stegosaurus Hat
Ok, this one is a cheat: I designed it two years ago as a Christmas gift. Actually, D helped me design it: he drew a picture of his ideal hat and this is how it turned out!

Fingerless gloves
Both the boys want a set of fingerless gloves for recess. Leafy would be perfect for a pair (shortened for the shorter hands, of course!)
leafy - handspun yarn

The Batman Logo chart and the Transformers Logo chart can be added to a basic hat or made into a simple patch for their backpack. They'd look great on a full-fledged sweater, but these boys grow to fast for a handknit of that size!

Although, at 8 & 9, they're a little too young for it, the Jayne Cobb Hat would be a great gift for your Firefly fan.

For the extremely particular amongst your boys, this is Ribbed Beanie is probably plain enough. Not so plain knit in a bright color, like Festival:
festival-handspun yarn #1

What do you knit for the boys in your life?
And if you're afraid of what your boys might buy you, may I suggest pointing them towards a Blonde Chicken Boutique Gift Certificate?
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