Thursday, October 2, 2008

4 Free Crochet patterns for Handspun Yarn

  1. Tea Scarf - a lovely scarf just perfect to chase the early morning chill. Perfect for Sno-Cone, which is 170 yards of fluffy bright wooliness:
    snocone - handspun yarn
  2. Knit/Crochet Handwarmers So cute and simple, great for just the smallest amount of handspun yarn with the biggest impact. The fluffy 80 yards of Oceanic should be plenty for the crochet part (if you use another yarn for the knit cuffs)oceanic
  3. 200 - This bulky scarf is HOT! Even my picky I-don't-need-a-scarf husband would wear this one (in the appropriate colors). It takes 4 different colors of 100 yards each and I'd mix Deep Sea with Autumn Sky, Juice and Sunrise Bananaiere.Yarn grouping
  4. Inka Shawl: A beautiful shawl, this pattern calls for a self-striping yarn. It would be brilliant in a yarn like Summer Salad which is mostly green with little stripes of other colors.Summer Salad - Handspun Yarn
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