Monday, July 7, 2008

Farmer's Market Project #4

Farmer's Market - 6.28.08

Inspired by these peaches, the seasons' first, I handdyed some local fiber 3 shades of peach.

Farmer's Market Project, week #4 - peaches

The three shades in this 2 ply yarn create a self-striping yarn that starts with darker peach at one end and moves towards the lightest, peachiest color at the other end of the skein. Knitted (or crocheted), this skein will create one long color repeat that moves from darkest to lightest along the length of the project.

I was/am very tempted to keep this yarn for myself and knit a scarf out of it! It took all my moral fortitude to stick with the Project and list the yarn in the shop!

PS. This is a super busy week with out-of-town family (and pets) staying in my guest room/studio/office and dyeing lessons in my kitchen and knitting night at Jill's. I might not be around too much!


Coco said...

That is so pretty!!