Monday, May 5, 2008

Inspiration Monday- Inspiration in a box


I admit it: I love TV. Not all of it, but the shows I watch...well, I can be a bit obsessive about them.
Obsessive enough that I memorialize my love in the form of yarn.
One of my favorite shows is LOST. I like the intrigue, the mysteries and the way a viewer is rewarded for paying attention. I also love the scenery. The lush greens and sinister black were the inspiration for my LOST yarn:
I started with jungle green and ocean blue local wool and swirled organic, undyed cotton, local naturally brown alpaca and a shot of mill-ends black wool. The black (like the Black Cloud on the island), shows up very little, but when it does it surrounds the other color in an immediate hive of noir. In other words, I let it wrap around the other ply, making scary little clouds of black! Despite my best efforts of making a sinister yarn, LOST is squishy and soft!

Another in the vein of dark and mysterious is Battlestar Gallactica:

Jay and I started watching it this winter, on DVD. We then anxiously awaited the release of Season 3 on DVD, and the return of it this March and it might just be the most exciting thing we do on Friday nights (yes, we are geeks - if you're not a fan of the show, you might just want to skip to the pretty pictures)! I had been mulling over the BSG yarn for quite a while before I started it, trying to figure out the overall "color" of the show. Jay really gave me the idea, when we started talking about the overall "gray" tone of the show. The overarching theme of life on the Battlestar, is that life has a lot of gray areas: not all Cylons are bad, not all humans are good, even the good/bad people act out of character, sometimes the "right" thing involves leaving others behind, letting them die or letting the guilty go free. This 'gray area' that permeates the daily life on the Battlestar is symbolized with natural gray alpaca (from the small farm, North Star Alpacas). The stark white bamboo represents the Cylon's coldness and the organic, naturally white Merino wool symbolizes Six's unwavering religious fervor. Her striking red dress makes a small appearance in the form of a blood red recycled silk. The black of the ship and the vastness of space is represented by pitch black mill-end wool.

For lighter fair, I'm a fan of The Office, Friends, I love Lucy, The Cosby Show, Spongebob, Saved by the Bell; all of which inspired yarns for my Month Of Love Series:
Pam and Jim - swirl of handspun yarn
Jim & Pam

Dwight & Angela - Handspun yarn - Month of Love Series
Dwight & Angela

Carrie & Big - Handpusn yarn
Carrie & Big

ross & rachel - handspun yarn
Ross & Rachel

lucy & ricky
Lucy & Ricky

I'd love to do some more... are there any TV shows you think should be memorialized in yarny glory?


Alpaca Granny said...

I am huge LOST fan also, Tara. Of course, I love your Battlestar yarn and appreciate that you linked to me. Thanks.