Friday, April 11, 2008

Fiber Shop Swap

Do you create fabulous spinning fiber or yarn? Are you looking for a way to spread the fibery love?
Then you definately need to join the Fiber Shop Swap, hosted by me and Lapoli.
We're accepting all joiners, until 4/25/08, who agree to send at least $10 worth of fiber or yarn to their assigned partner by 5/31/08. Once you recieve your item, you'll post it on the group's Flickr. That's it, nothing fancy!

To join, fill out this form and be assured that no one but Lapoli, your partner and I will see your information. After the swap is complete, we'll delete the list and you won't ever hear from us again!

Thanks for playing!


Jill B said...

No fiberizing here, but I'm digging yours, preeety.