Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fiber Friday #7 - Organic Squishy

Spring is coming!

I'm always searching for the perfect sustainable, responsible yarns for BCB. A product isn't "responsible" unless it fulfills the following standards:
  • It must come from a family-owned business or farm (no corporations).
  • It must be sustainable (both the business and the product).
  • It must be as earth-friendly as possible (either recycled or chemical free and not travel unnecessary distances)
Ones that are unique and eco-friendly, that can be dyed bright happy colors, are pretty hard to come by. Thus, I was thrilled to find Marr Haven, a family farm that processes their own Merino wool without using any chemicals (just water and salt!). Their yarn was reviewed very favorably by Knitter's Review and so I felt confident ordering a LOT of fiber and yarn.

It is exactly what I hoped for! The yarn is soft, squishy and takes the dye beautifully (pictured throughout). I struggled with a name for it...and then decided on "Organic Squishy" - strait and to the point! I'm choosing to dye only 2 skeins in each colorway, except by specific request, and am looking forward to truly have an entire "line" of this yarn in a variety of colors and weights.

The fiber is lofty and extremely easy to spin. It takes the dye so bright and clear (it's the brightest colors in the following yarn):

Hot stuff


evergreenknits said...

I LOVE Marr Haven yarn. It's the most beautiful, soft, yummy wool yarn that I've ever knit with. I bought several skeins for dyeing -- haven't dyed with them yet, for some reason, but I'm glad to see that they turn out fantastically!

Your colors are gorgeous on the yarn.