Friday, March 7, 2008

Fiber Friday #6- Raspberry Fool roving and recipe

Thanks for your fantastic suggestions on yarn names for my first roving!
The general consensus is that it is very Raspberry-ish. (is that really how you spell "raspberry"? I never noticed it had "rasp" in it...)

I decided on Raspberry Fool, because it's just so delicious- and silly-sounding at the same time. Commenter Mooncalf gets extra points for giving us this tasty (-seeming, I'll let you know when I try it) recipe from the BBC.

I've spent the week dyeing a range of greens, one of which has made it into the shop:
Grass - Bananiere

I'm aching for Spring! Finding ShiningEgg's Green Week has just brightened my mostly-rainy week!

I'm spending this weekend in Cookeville, TN at my Grams' rural house on a mountaintop with no internet access, so if you comment, email or call, I won't be getting it until Sunday night The Boutique will go on normally: all orders purchased from now until Sunday will ship on Monday, as usual.

Have a lovely weekend full of green things!

PS. Mooncalf, email me with your info and I'll send you a discount code for winning!