Thursday, February 14, 2008

End of the Month of Love

Mosaic for Month of Love Sereis
1. Lime and Violet swirl, 2. lucy & ricky, 3. Johnny and June-pile of handspun goodness, 4. Carrie & Big - Handpusn yarn,
5. Homer and Marge - Handspun yarn, 6. ross & rachel - handspun yarn, 7. Pam and Jim - swirl of handspun yarn, 8. zack & Kelly -Month of Love Series,
9. Romy & Michelle pile of handspun yarn, 10. Cosby- handspun yarn, 11. Monica & Chandler - handspun yarn, 12. Johnny and Baby - handspun yarn,
13. Dwight & Angela - Handspun yarn - Month of Love Series, 14. Jane Austin - Handpainted yarn - pile, 15. Austrian Forest Handspun Yarn - swoosh, 16. Princess Bride - handspun yarn,
17. bert & ernie - handspun yarn - month of love series, 18. green eggs & Ham, 19. Peony loves Lilac - Handyed Banana yarn, 20. spongebob

Happy Valentine's Day!
The Month of Love Series is over! Last night I updated the final yarn in the series (Spongebob & Patrick). It's hard to believe that I created 20 unique yarns in 30 days and posted a new one every weekday! There are still a few in the shop and I'm still working on a few custom orders of the popular yarns. In case you're curious, the most popular (by skeins sold) were Carrie&Big and Bert&Ernie. The most popular by comments, email, etc is Pam&Jim (which oddly enough, hasn't sold).
Thanks for entering the contest, buying the yarn and sending encouragement throughout the process, it's been a lot of fun! I have another series in mind, but until next week (which is only a few days away, I realize), I'm going to be listing handpainted yarns, most of which were handspun by someone else!


Jill B said...

Thank GOD. Some of us have been waiting to know about the Dread Pirate Roberts and Buttercup for days, patiently checking, searching, and apparently giving up as it's been up a few days and I didn't even know it. Now I can rest, knowing what their spun selves look like.

Jen said...

What an amazing job you have been doing. How do you find the time to do all of the that. I am glad the business is going so well. We should hang out some time soon and maybe you and teach me some about dyeing.