Friday, February 8, 2008

Delivery from the Storque

Banana Fana Fo Fana
This morning my first article for Etsy's news zine, The Storque, was published!
This is the first in a series about Marketing Communications. I hope to keep it up as I start my MBA and take a variety of classes, as Dispatches from B-school.


Jill B said...

Article: Good and informative.

Did I mention that I studied Marketing/Advertising/PR as an undergrad?

rupestur said...

Wow, you're on Storque! Awesome article, I'm looking forward to learning more in the series. Staying at home with the kids means I'll have to invent my own way.

Turtle said...

Beautiful yarn!

Oh yeah, tag your it!

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angella powell said...

hiya Tara.

thanks for your comment. now, about that article... i'm okay with writing about myself- done it before as it comes with that fine-artist's territory, but if you'd prefer, to go along with your MC's, that would be fine, too.

let me know, and we'll go from there :)

and, yes, you should DEFINATELY do a Wayne & Garth yarn... or a set of 2 smaller ones. Wayne is black t-shirt & white fendercaster, maybe with some torn denim in there... and Garth would be furry blond hair & red licorice :)